Allegedly Fabulous

Pop culture, true crime, life and chit chat with lifelong friends Kevin Loftus and Stephanie Hogan.

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5 days ago

In this episode:
— Update on the greeting card MLM
— Update on the Ozempic / Rybelsus JOURNEY
— The murder of Dan Markel - a Tallahassee law professor - and the alleged involvement of his sociopathic former in-laws: Wendi, Charlie and Donna Adelson
— AITA for getting engaged the day after my sister? (Yes honey)
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Monday Nov 27, 2023

Pure chit chat with the boys while on our way to a cabin in the mountains for a perfect Thanksgiving break.
In this episode, we are:
— Manifesting the man we each want to meet at the Arrowhead Bar and Grille (take a wild guess if it worked)
— Discussing Trump 2024 (just try and stop me)
— Getting excited about the return of Girls Aloud
— Giving thanks henny
Enjoy and please rate and review!

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Highlights from BravoCon Las Vegas 2023 and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 premiere, episodes 1, 2, and 3.
How are you enjoying RHOBH this season?
Please rate this episode if you enjoyed. Xx

Sunday Oct 29, 2023

Okay this part was so dark :( from the break up with Justin Timberlake all the way to the start of the conservatorship. We're talking Britney's devastation after breaking up with JT, cheating, In The Zone and the Onyx Hotel Tour, Madonna, Donatella Versace, Cher, Lucy Liu, the 55 hour marriage, "erratic" behavior, Adderall and Prozac abuse, Kevin Federline, child custody issues, post partum depression and regular depression, Lou Taylor, Tristar, Jamie Spears and how nasty he was, Britney's rage and grief, and ultimate surrender... Everything. This felt like an exorcism.
Be well. And have you read the book? Please let me know what you think.

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

This book is moving, and it's so Britney. Reading it as a lifetime fan is emotional, but feels like resolution.
Part 1 takes us from Britney's childhood and family history, early entertainment endeavors, and through to the recording of the global phenomenon debut album that was ...Baby One More Time.
Please send me your thoughts and rate and review the podcast!

Monday Oct 16, 2023

These men are in cahoots! Blood curdling LA dating stories in time for Halloween. Is there a bigger conspiracy at play?
+ Jada Pinkett Smith, RHOBH, and Britney Spears

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Did Kevin drive to Tijuana and buy Ozempic during a manic episode? And:
—Drilled by the dentist
—Masseter Botox for jaw slimming
—AirSculpt pros and cons
—Ozempic and Rybelsus
—Rybelsus week 1 review
—Medical shopping and medical tourism in Mexico
—Getting in and out of Tijuana
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Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

—Has Bethenny Frankel lost her way? Recapping her months-long slide from reality royal to manic troll
—PR advice for Rachel “Raquel” Leviss
—We met Tom Schwartz in person and it turned out he lied to us (classic)
—Donald Trump’s mugshot. Is it glam?
—Britney’s record deal with Sony
—The Lucy Letby story: What could drive  a nurse to do something so vile to so many newborn babies?
—Bridal shopping at The One by Sinéad Corcoran
Featuring special guest star Kelly Brosnan, and the return of original co-host Stephanie Hogan.
Please rate, review, and send to a friend :)

Monday Aug 14, 2023

—The Barbie review NO ONE’S been waiting for!
—Bill Maher does not want us talking about the patriarchy
—RHONY’s Erin Lichey’s response to Allegedly Fabulous (and all the discourse around her politics)
—Zayn Malik’s comeback and comments on why One Direction fell apart
—Hitting on Jeff Lewis at Hi Tops
—Searching for meaning and Wegovy
—My romance with “Mick”
Please review the podcast! Love :)
Reported housewives political affiliations from around 2020:

Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

In this episode:
San Diego Pride debrief with @dennyplove of @wolfandloveyou
- Joining the Airbnb hate train
- Make-shift circuit parties
- Flirting with strangers and burgeoning friend group drama
- Being kicked out of a bar with a FULL espresso martini in hand
Real Housewives of New York jumbo analysis
- The reboot's first impressions (it's not good babe I'm so sorry. It's like okay)
- What we think the reboot is desperately missing
- Star Erin Lichy's purported insurrectionist tendencies and Trump support
- Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel's unhinged and iconic live reunion
Bonus content... Kevin finally has a stalker (glam)
Thank you for your support and engagement so far! Know someone who would enjoy this? Send it to them!! Love ya


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